Spring updates from the MIDAS field trials

MIDAS is about growing climate-resilient industrial crops on marginal agricultural land in Europe, to develop value chains for a wide range of bio-based products.

One of the activities of our project is to develop a series of farm-scale case studies, to demonstrate innovative and regenerative cropping systems, such as intercropping and agroforestry, that can ultimately mitigate soil erosion, maintain, or even strengthen the ecosystem services and the biodiversity of agroecosystems. For this we use different crop species that can grow with low inputs and that can cope well with water scarcity.

This spring our project partners were busy establishing the demo fields for the case studies in Italy, Germany, Greece, Spain, Serbia, Poland, Czech Republic, France and Hungary. These demo will provide live examples of the MIDAS solutions, and will act as catalyst for co-creation with the local farmers and practitioners. See in these slides some snapshots that we received from our local partners in the last few days. Find out more in these slides.

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