Marginal lands and industrial crops for the European bioeconomy

Combining bio-based products, climate resilience and biodiversity through innovative agricultural value chains.

Supporting the European Bioeconomy

The transition to a bio-based economy requires a sustainable supply of biomass, while ensuring food security and respecting our environment.
Climate-resilient industrial crops grown on marginal agricultural land can provide sustainable biomass for the European bioeconomy, without reducing the land available for food, while enhancing soil health and protecting biodiversity.

MIDAS is a Horizon Europe project that aims to:

Map and characterize marginal land in Europe for low-ILUC biomass production

Grow industrial crops on marginal land with climate-resilient and biodiversity-compatible systems

Produce sustainable biomass feedstock additional to food production

Build value chains and develop business for innovative bio-based products

Bio-based value chains

MIDAS adopts a resource-efficient biorefinery concept to develop innovative value chains for a wide range of bio-products.

Protecting soil health and biodiversity

The use of selected industrial crops and the adoption of innovative cropping systems protect pollinators, enhance biodiversity at landscape level, remove carbon from the atmosphere and reduce soil erosion.

Europe's Marginal Lands

In this StoryMap we explain how we define and mapped marginal lands for the current (2020) situation and for the future (2050).

Supporting the European Green Deal


Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals